Academic Programmes :
  • Pinnacle Program
  • Premeir Program
PARAMITA HERITAGE ACADEMIC PROGRAM follows a comprehensible vision and mission and manifests policies and guidelines to foster each child in curricular and co-curricular activities.

Academics modules:


Our school follows Xseed curriculum for grade 1 to 8 along with IIT standards.

  • Xseed is one the most widely recognized and accepted educational resource materials world wide in about 70 countries.
  •  This Xseed standard curriculum will provide a clear path to have a complete picture of contemporary standard of education with engaging learning techniques.
  •  Our school also follows NCERT suggested curriculum for grade 9 and 10 with IIT standards. Specialized NEET curriculum is also implemented for grade 9 and 10.



2. Project based learning (PBL):

PBL provides an unconventional way of learning things to improve knowledge and skills.

  • We have a specially designed plan and trained teachers to execute this way of learning under a profoundly experienced Coordinator. 

  • Students have worked on various projects and some of them have been recognized and prized nationwide.

3. English Communication classes:

It is very evident that communication plays an important role in displaying our talent when an opportunity comes. 

  • With due understanding of it, we have designed our EC classes in such a way that it provides ample opportunities to improve communication skills of our students.

  • These classes will explore various themes and techniques to shape up the presentation skills of our students to excel in interviews when they meet. 

4. The Game of Average (TAG):

This is a special method implemented in the classrooms to teach coordination and mutual learning. 

This method involves grouping students in a few numbers in such a way that everyone will learn from each other and there is a dramatic development in academic performance with less involvement of teachers.

5. Remedial classes:

Every day the remedial classes will be conducted after school hours to strengthen the learning process and also to improve the performance of each child.

Subject wise, concept wise and Olympiad wise remedial classes are regularly conducted to enhance the learning process.

6. Various Olympiads:

Different Olympiads such as MAT, SOF, ITO and INTSO etc are suggested to students to keep their learning in the current competitive environment.

7. Counseling and Students interaction sessions:

Every now and then counseling sessions by the chairman, the principal and the prominent personality are held at our school to guide the students and clarify their doubts about different career paths.

8. Fortnight test (FT test):

To track the progress of the students in the IIT curriculum, the FT test is conducted for every two weeks along with the complete analysis of the questions paper. This test makes students aware of the IIT entrance exam.

9. Stress relief programme for students and parents:

As per the CBSE guidelines, once in a month a stress relief programme is organized in the school wherein Yoga, dance, singing and other activities are performed by the students and the parents as well.

10. Parent Engagement programme:

Not just for the only PTM time, the parents are very often invited to the school to engage themselves in exam duties, observing the classes and teaching some moral lessons to the students.

Non Academic and Cultural modules:

1. School Assembly:

School assembly is designed on various themes to inculcate the value of learning and to expose the real life situations to the students. 

  • This assembly will improve public speaking skills, stage presentations and team learning of the students.

2. Cultural events:

Numerous cultural events are organized in the school to teach the importance of culture and learn about history associated with them. 

This provides a scope of societal learning and gives off the idea of togetherness.

3. Art, Dance and Music:

These events help the students to learn various art forms kinesthetically.

Apart from the classroom learning, such cultural activities bring out the hidden talent within the students. 

Students will definitely have these classes every week to shape up their interest.

Embarking on a successful school journey involves not just academic achievements but also personal growth. From the first day of kindergarten to the final exams in high school, it’s a voyage of learning, friendships, and self-discovery. Challenges are overcome, lessons are learned, and memories are made, shaping a unique and fulfilling educational adventure.

Interdisciplinary Learning (IDL):

IDL gives students an experiential learning and the classroom teaching and learning turns out to be a productive one.

  • Students engage and explore learning on their own through poster making, project making, power point presentations, skits, etc.
  • The major activity that they do help them get more involved in the classes further. As a part of IDL, students of Grades 1 to 3 did a BIG ACTIVITY on Seasons, Grades 4 and 5 on Festivals and Grades 6 and 7 on Modernized Culture & Present Society in the second week of November. 


Triumph team engage primary kids with a lot of interesting sport activities. The games organized by Triumph PETs increases the gross motor skills of tiny tots and make them amused and engaged.

Paramita also had formed an excellent sports Kabaddi, Volleyball, Kho-kho, shooting ball teams. They win medals in inter-district, -state and national competitions consistently.