The School


"The internet is just world passing notes in a classroom." - Jon Stewart

Paramita uses ‘pedagogy of technology’ unlike traditional schools. Each classroom is equipped with

– Mounted Multimedia Projector of SENSES Board.

– HDMI Cables and Projection Screens.

– High Speed Broadband Connections and USB Speakers.



Paramita proffers and delivers world class sports infrastructure to its students.

Best-in-class equipment with top-notch indoor and outdoor playing facilities


  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Throwball
  • Handball
  • Football
  • Cricket
  • Skating


  • Carrom
  • Table Tennis
  • Chess

– Developing physical components focused on developing motor abilities.

– Building endurance, coordination, and flexibility.


Laboratories are known to be stimulating places for the young minds to burgeon and explore, probe and experiment to unravel the truths behind the facts of life and generate new facts as well.

  1. The Physics Lab: At Paramita, our impressionable young scientists enrich themselves in gravitational waves, astrophysics, and more.
  1. The Chemistry Lab –  The Chemistry Laboratory prepares the students with
  • Hands-on Learnings
  • Problem Solving
  • Experiments
  • Concept Clarifications
  • Critical Analysis
  • Experiments
  1. The Bio Lab – The super equipped biology lab at Paramita is a craze for budding bio enthusiasts and NEET aspirants. It provides the following:
  • Experiments and Observations
  • Specimen collections
  • Concept Reinforcement
  • Microscopic Works
  • Collaborative Learnings
  1. The IT Lab – Our IT lab is equipped with an impressive bandwidth of internet connectivity. The computers are embellished with hi-tech advanced software. Besides that, the lab is a fully air-conditioned hall.
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